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893.124 - UNSPSC 47130000
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Powerful cleaner in a pH-neutral range with extremely high capacity of dissolving dirt on floors, machinery and in plants


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Technical Information

Contents 5 L
Concentration level for floor cleaning machines 3 - 10%
Concentration level for high-pressure equipment 3 - 5%
Concentration level for manual cleaning 3 - 50%

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For uncompromising ecologically sound chemical-technical products

Benefits & Advantage

Reduces ecological damage
Reduces risk potential in daily work
Saves raw material resources
Avoids waste material
Best quality for highest demands
Biodegradable >95% (mod. OECD and closed bottle test
Oily-greasy dirt is not emulsified, but loosened by sub-surface penetration
Quickly separates in waste water according to Austrian Standard test B 5105
Gentle on skin
Does not contain AOX or organic solvents
Phosphate free
Does not mobilize heavy metals in inshore waters
Silicone free
Can be used on all conventional surfaces


Can be used manually or in highpressure equipment for cleaning engines, machinery, tools, vehicles, floors of all kinds (except carpeting), canteen kitchens, butcher’s shops and bakeries


Dilute workshop cleaner with water, wet surfaces to be cleaned with the cleaner, let it react with the dirt, then wipe off or wash down. The dirt is loosened by the sub-surface penetration and released again in the waste water. This ensures an intact biology in the waste water. The cleaning effect is increased by using warm water

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