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A safer environmentally friendly vandalism mark remover

UNSPSC: 47131805

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Technical Information

Contents 500 ml

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For uncompromising ecologically sound chemical-technical products
Eco-Logo certified
A highly effective natural solvent
Safe and easy-to-use
This 500ml bottle is equivalent to two aerosol cans of regular Graffiti Remover

Benefits & Advantage

Completely biodegradable
Made from 100% sustainable resources
VOC free
A better choice for your health and for the environment
Removes marks caused by crayons, marker pens, ballpoint pen, spray paint, carbon paper, adhesives, lipstick, masking tape and mimeo ink
No harsh fumes
Pleasant odour
Does not contain ingredients that are harmful to your health, like solvents
Ready-to-use dilution


Ideal for brick, concrete, tiles, marble, enamelled surfaces, restroom stalls, road signs, fences, bridges, desktops, furnitures, walls, doors and other surfaces exposed to the public.
Ideal for workplace or bar washrooms, school desks and lockers, parking meters, puck marks on arena boards and municipalities for graffiti on overpasses and buildings, etc.


Spray directly onto mark from a distance of at least 20 cm. Allow to work for a short period of time. Wipe off with a cloth or flush out with a strong stream of water. Repeat if necessary
For Porous Surfaces: first spray porous surface with water to fill pores. Spray from 20 to 30 cm. Wait a few minutes. Flush with a strong stream of water
For stubborn marks: use a stiff brush or scrub pad to clean the surface, then flush with water


This information is only a recommendation based on our experience. Preliminary testing required. Do not use on Plexiglass surfaces

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