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Highly effective special cleaner including solvents

UNSPSC: 47131828

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Technical Information

Contents 500 ml
Container Volume 500 ml
Container Type Aerosol
Chemical Base Aliphatic hydrocarbons
Colour Transparent
Density 0.710 g/cm³ at 20 °C
Flash Point < 21 °C
VBF Class A I
Food Safe Yes

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Very high cleaning performance
Short flash time
Good material compatibility
Spray head with direct spray jet
AOX- and silicone-free

Benefits & Advantage

Extremely effective in removing oily, greasy, sooty and slightly resinous contaminants
Rapid cleaning that leaves no residue
Short downtimes for the machine parts to be treated
No need for subsequent treatment
No swelling of FKM and polyamide seals
Causes no corrosion to metal surfaces or to iron, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass
Precise and effective cleaning of the contaminated parts


For the cleaning of engine and gearbox casings, brake systems and vehicle, machine and coupling parts for maintenance, repair and assembly work.


Spray the cleaner onto the surfaces to be cleaned and carefully wipe off with a fresh cleaning tissue. Before use on rubber and plastic parts and lacquered surfaces, test for compatibility in an inconspicuous place. Formerly known as LU Cleaner

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