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This ready to use biological drain opener treatment cleans and eliminates odours fast by a natural enzymatic process promoting rapid liquefaction of grease and waste buildup

UNSPSC: 47130000

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Technical Information

Contents 4 L

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The formulation of the Würth Biological Drain Treatment provides quick liquefaction of waste deposits, followed by microorganisms that attach to drain surfaces and organic deposits like tiny magnets. Once attached, they go to work, digesting organic deposits, grow and multiply to produce billions of additional workers
This biological process continues to work until the job is finished. Some microorganisms migrate further down the line treating additional pipe surfaces and grease traps and assisting to treat receiving waste streams and septic systems

Benefits & Advantage

Specifically designed for waste and drain applications
Promotes fast liquefaction by a natural enzymatic process
Eliminates odors
Reduces drain line maintenance and grease trap cleaning

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