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Boat and ship cleaning solution with new surfactant technology that provides incredible wash and rinse free results.

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Technical Information

Contents 20 L
Version Concentrate
Colour Light Orange
pH 10.5 to 11.5
Dilution Can dilute up to 150:1 based on requirements
EAN 4056807645292

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Eco Boat and Ship wash removes dirt, grease, oil and road film that is magnetically bonded and is completely compatible with clear coat treated surfaces.
This product carries a unique sudsing profile that prevents residual buildup of detergent
It also rinses off with no beading of water left behind that will cause spotting.
Dries fast and leaves no hazy after-film.
Can be diluted up to 150:1 depending on the level of soiling that needs removing.


Safe to be used on all surfaces such as fiberglass, vinyl, metal, glass, plastic, rubber and painted surfaces.
Washing can be done by hand, by power wash or deck brush.

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