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An activated oxygen cleaner

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Technical Information

Contents 1 L
Container Volume 1 L
Colour Transparent
Dilution Ready-to-use formula

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Eco-Logo certified
For uncompromising ecologically sound chemical-technical products

Benefits & Advantage

Completely biodegradable
Made from 100% sustainable resources
VOC free
Completely soluble in water
A better choice for your health and for the environment
Made from the world’s safest all-natural sanitizer and germicide - hydrogen peroxide
Colour-safe bleaching
When it contacts organic material, it breaks down into oxygen and water
Contains hydrogen peroxide, surfactants and natural degreasing agents
Fresh citrus scent
Eliminates odours
Highly effective at cleaning grease, mildew, mold and in the cleaning of light corrosion and organic stains such as coffee, wine, juice, Areas of Application: blood and pet stains


Effectively removes stains on car and truck cloth seats, carpets, clothes, etc
Eliminates stubborn and strong odours on fabric and upholstery
Excellent cleaning product for schools, hospitals, casinos, restaurants, hotels, etc.


Spray on and let penetrate. Rub with a soft cloth if necessary. Rinse or wipe clean


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