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A high quality, non-flammable and non-conductive, chlorinated hydrocarbon solvent that offers maximum degreasing performance. Removes accumulations of grease, oil and dirt with no residue.

UNSPSC: 47131828

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Technical Information

Contents 18.9 L
Appearance Clear, colourless

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To clean and degrease drum and disc brake parts, as well as heavy equipment’s parts.
Also suitable for cleaning electrical equipment including; alternators, distributors, dynamos, switches, relays and regulators and small electric motors.

Benefits & Advantage

Fast acting
Removes grease, dirt and contaminants
Completely evaporates and leaves no residue
Reduces brake squeal
No flash or fire point


Apply liberally, then air dry or wipe with a clean cloth. Protect rubber parts from contact with cleaner and pre-test product's compatibility with plastics before using. For Brake and CV Joints – apply directly on parts and allow oil, grease and grime to run off. Allow to air dry or wipe with clean cloth. For Electrical Contact and Motors, disassemble to expose brushes and contacts and apply directly on parts. Wait a few minutes for solvents to evaporate before reassembling.

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