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EM Engine Shampoo 446G (OEM only)

EM Engine Shampoo 446G (OEM only)
EM Engine Shampoo 446G (OEM only)


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Engine Shampoo heavy duty degreaser cleans heavy grease, dirt and oil deposits on engines. It is ideal for use on automobiles, trucks, power mowers, boats, tractors and industrial machinery.

Units/package: 1


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Product Details

Contents 446 g


Start cold engine and allow it to idle for a maximum of 2 minutes or until valve cover is warm to the touch.
TURN ENGINE OFF. Remove the air filter and cover the carburetor opening and distributor.
Spray dry engine generously. Rinse any overspray from exterior body surface immediately to avoid damaging the paint finish.
Allow engine shampoo to penetrate for 10-15 minutes. Use a brush on heavy grease deposits.
Hose off thoroughly with strong stream of water. When rinsing is complete, remove covers off carburetor and distributor and replace air filter. Start engine immediately. Let idle for 15 minutes to ensure complete drying.

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