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Auto Bulbs & Work Lights

Work Lights

Work Lights

Wurth Canada offers high quality LED work lights perfect for your auto shop, fleet maintenance, construction job or industrial shop. Available in rechargeable, plugin and battery powered models.
Auto Lamps & Mounting Accessories

Auto Lamps & Mounting Accessories

We offer LED auto lamps and mounting accessories, round, oval and other shapes. Browse through our rubber-like, halogen and LED auto work lights.
Automotive Light Bulbs

Automotive Light Bulbs

Looking for domestic, European or Asian auto light bulbs? Headlight, fog, parking lamp bulbs or indicator lamp bulbs? We have a large variety of auto light bulbs.

Wurth Canada Offers Quality Lighting Solutions Tailored to the Auto, Industrial and Construction Industries

Wurth Canada offers high quality LED work lights will improve visibility while on you’re on the job.

To help you keep your fleet or client’s cars and other vehicles in safe working order, we offer high quality OEM auto light bulbs, including headlights, fog lights, parking lamp bulbs and indicator lamp bulbs.

Our LED auto lamps and mounting accessories offer you a broad range of solutions including round, oval, sealed, marker, license, mid-turn signal and light bar. We also offer incandescent auto lamps.

You will find that our lighting solutions are cost and energy efficient.

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Wurth Canada is committed to providing customers like you with high-quality products and services. Our Sales Representatives provide exceptional service through personalized customer visits, including inventory control management and storage solutions tailored to your location.

Interested in receiving an in-person consultation? There’s a Wurth Canada solution that’s right for you.