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Wurth Canada
Electrical supply, fasteners, chemicals & professional hand tools

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Wurth Canada

Industrial Supply for Automotive, Trucking and Industrial Marketplaces in Canada

Wurth Canada Limited / Limitée was founded in Montreal, Quebec, in 1971. We serve Canada’s automotive, trucking and industrial marketplaces by providing high quality professional products ranging from brake cleaner to nuts and bolts. With distribution centres located in Ontario and Alberta and over 400 Sales Representatives all over Canada, we’re there for you no matter where your business is located. Read more.

Auto supplies Canada

Auto Supply, including Cleaning & Detailing Products, Automotive Chemicals, and Vehicle Repair & Components

Our car cleaning and detailing products will leave your client’s vehicles sparkling clean, from glass cleaners, car polishes and degreasers

We offer a wide range of industrial automotive chemicals such as brake cleaner, greases, anti-seize, lubricants and silicone sprays.

We have what you need – everything from brake protection paste, tire mounting tools, wiper blades, vehicle protection and more.

Wurth Canada offers a complete line of products for your electrical supply needs. Whether you’re looking for heat shrink tubing, rubber grommets, fuses and relays, solder or slugs, we have what you need.

Every type of fastener for your industrial essentials – shop for nuts and bolts, rivets, rivnuts, screws, retaining rings, anchors, washers, springs and more. Metric or Standard – we have it!

Whether you’re looking for bonded abrasives, coated abrasives, non-woven abrasives, abrasive discs, abrasive wheels, grinders or an assortment of abrasives, Wurth Canada has you covered.

Inventory Management and Inventory Control Systems

Looking for Storage and Inventory Management and Inventory Control Systems?

Take control of your inventory with ORSY (ORganizational SYstems). We offer a range of inventory control and inventory management systems, from simple bins to software and inventory-management vending machines, for simplifying your storage and inventory control. ORSY is customized to your business needs and installed by Wurth Canada’s trained professionals.