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National Accounts


Why Choose Wurth Canada as Your Automotive, Industrial, Construction or MRO Supplier and Partner?

Whether you are looking for a profit center or equality across the country or even worldwide, Wurth Canada will work with you to provide positive solutions for your business needs.

Time is money – a statement that is well known in business. Wurth Canada is able to bring rapid solutions to the many departments and divisions within your company for the automotive, industrial and MRO supplies that are needed to make your business as efficient and productive as possible.

Do you need the same product and solution available to every branch of your multi-national company? Wurth Canada and The Wurth Group of Companies is one of the very few suppliers worldwide that can provide that service to your organization.

Wurth Canada National Accounts

Features and Benefits of Wurth Canada’s National Account Partners

Wurth Canada is pleased to offer a proactive order processing partnership for our national partners:

  • Partnership Profit Center on Dealer Shop Supplies
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • Central invoicing
  • Central tracking of purchases by location
  • Order purchase restrictions on part numbers
  • 14,000 + product numbers from hardware to chemicals, thereby reducing your need for several different suppliers and costly invoice processing
  • You will be seen by your sales representative on a regular basis; day and time customized to suit your schedule
  • Purchase order with all purchases
  • Monthly Promotions
  • Monthly Sales Summaries
  • Detailed Purchase reporting
  • Electronic data transfer of invoices
  • Available IT support / EDI
  • WHMIS / MSDS access online 24 hours a day
  • Complete catalogues online
  • Over 400 sales professionals in every province in Canada
  • Over 99% fill rate
  • Bilingual customer service representatives

Digital Solutions for Your Automotive, MRO or Industrial Supply Chain Management

Wurth Canada’s National Accounts work closely with our IT department to integrate a broad range of customizable solutions for your supply chain management, such as SAP Ariba PunchOut. By partnering with Wurth Canada a complete electronic solution can be created to meet all of your needs.

As well, Wurth Canada sales representatives can offer you complete personal solutions to help in everyday business operations, such as digital inventory management through our own Wurth Web based App, SIS, and inventory control solutions (ORSY).

Interested in Learning More About a Partnership with Wurth Canada as your Industrial, MRO or Automotive Supplier?

Wurth Canada is your trusted MRO supplier to help you make your supply chain run as smoothly and effortlessly as possible. To learn more about the National Accounts program or to book a meeting, contact Peter Mepham at [email protected].