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electronic procurement


What is electronic procurement?

Electronic procurement, aka E-procurement, describes the procurement of goods through digital data exchange. It covers the entire process, from ordering through invoice checking. Automation of the data exchange offers key advantages for everyone involved in the procurement process. Profit from this increase in value-creation and flexibility!

Why is electronic procurement important to me?

It doesn't matter whether it's a small part or a costly A-item, the internal time and money expenditure is high in every case. In the case of C-parts, in particular, internal process costs exceed the actual value of the goods many times over. From order confirmation to goods receiving and delivery checking to invoice matching, everything has to be entered and processed with the proper level of detail. Handling this process manually takes a considerable amount of time – and time is money!

How will electronic procurement benefit me?

  • No more typos or document matching
  • Fewer errors and more control over the entire procurement process
  • Less paper, and thus a more environmentally friendly process arrangement
  • Less bookkeeping and administration
  • Up to 30% lower process costs
  • Allows you to concentrate on the core business

This saves both time and money

What we offer

  • Experience: More than 10,000 successfully connected companies worldwide
  • Flexibility: 98% of all commercially available systems can be used
  • Productivity: You can continue working trouble-free during the technical connection

What should I do?

Would you like to reduce your procurement process costs by up to 30% with the merchandise management system you are currently using?

  • Send the form to your IT administrator
  • The IT administrator will transfer the completed form to our specialists by e-mail
  • Our specialists implement the connection together with your IT administrator
  • You retain full control and profit from automated document flow and faster processing

Our specialists stand by to serve you

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1 Need arises

  • Enter order manually
  • Easy and direct entry in your own system
  • Further simplification is made possible thanks to the option of connecting a scanner
  • You can use your own scanner

2 Purchasing

  • Manual processing of the order requirement
  • Tedious identification of suitable materials
  • Manual creation of the order
  • Manual approval often required as well
  • Possible further inquiries
  • Immediate entry of the order in your own system or an external system (direct transfer from the order requirement)
  • Automated approval and ordering from your own system
  • Direct communication through an interface with the supplier

3 Receipt of order by supplier

  • Time wasted due to manual receipt by the supplier
  • Manual processing of the order
  • Manual creation of the order confirmation
  • Subsequent sending of the order confirmation
  • Immediate and automatic receipt and immediate processing by the supplier
  • Direct and automatic order confirmation through the interface, no paper needed
  • Shortest possible delivery time thanks to direct information transfer
  • Your own item and product numbers are retained

4 Delivery and goods receiving

  • Information entry and checking are usually done manually
  • Time-consuming typing of the information from the packing slip
  • Direct information entry and checking in your own system, e.g. by connecting your own scanner
  • Direct and automated transfer of the delivery note information to the customer system
  • Electronically independent packing slip with individual items already in the system; paper copy included with the goods

5 Invoicing and payment

  • Usually processed manually
  • Time-consuming invoice checking through comparison with prices and packing slip
  • Communication through conventional mail or e-mail
  • Manual organizing, sorting and filing of invoices (for the tax accountant)
  • Direct and automatic booking and processing in your own system
  • Immediate invoice checking in your own system through automated comparison of prices, packing slip and invoice
  • Upon request, immediate and automated transmission of documents to your tax accountant
  • Separate invoices can be issued for each cost center

Overall advantage:
up to
savings in process costs

  • Data maintenance
  • Manual expenditure
  • Possible typos
  • Automatic data importing
  • Fast, automatic entry
  • Error-free and automatic transfer of all information and documents into the system

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