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An Evolution in Aluminum Repair

Speed press
When Productivity Matters.

Automatic air-powered riveter for aluminum, steel and combination/hybrid body vehicles. Virtually maintenance-free with 100% no oil leakage. Installs and extracts self-piercing, flow form and solid rivets with factory precision. your shop ready?

Speedpress 8T Pushpull Riveter

Speed press
Art. No. 920.055859

Automatic air powered riveter specially designed to perform common riveting tasks in modern bodyshops on all Aluminum, Steel and Combination/Hybrid body vehicles. Works with Self-Piercing Rivets, Flow-form Rivets and Solid Rivets. Virtually maintenance free with 100% no oil leakage.

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8 Tonnes of pressure
4 second cycle time
Integrated pressure gauge
Closed hydraulic system
Magnetic die system
Installation, extraction and punching capabilities
360° swivel arm function
Speed and pressure controls


  • Adjustable pressure settings prevent panel distortion
  • Adjustable speed settings for precision and productivity
  • Fast and easy arm and die changes
  • Efficient and user-friendly
  • More versatile than any other tool on the market


  • Self-Piercing Rivet installation and extraction
  • Flow form Rivet punching and installation
  • Solid Rivet installation and extraction
  • Blind Rivet extraction

Areas of application

  • Aluminium
  • Steel

Vehicle applications

  • Ford
  • Volkswagen|Audi
  • Mercedes
  • BMW
  • Jaguar|Land Rover

kit Content

Description Art. No P Qty
SpeedPress 8T PushPull Riveter Not Sold Separately 1
HR2 360° arm 920.HR2
Arm extension for HR1S and HR2 920.HR12EX
Locking pin for arms 920.1LP
Plastic handle 920.1PH
Shoulder strap 920.1SS
Shoulder strap bracket Not Sold Separately
Wurth exclusive die set (21 pieces)
SPR starter kit (300 pieces)
Heavy duty carrying case

SPR starter kit (300 pieces)

Rivet Size (mm) Art. No P. Qty
5,3 x 8,0 919.5340 50
5,3 x 5,0 919.5360
5,3 x 6,0 919.5365
5,3 x 8,0 919.5350
3,3 x 3,5 919.33535
3,3 x 4,0 919.33540