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Nuts and Bolts, Screws, Rivets, Anchors, Body Clips and More

Our complete line of fasteners ranges from bolts, socket screws, screws, nuts, washers, threaded rods & studs, rivets, rivnuts, retaining rings, pins, links, sleeves, automotive fasteners & auto body clips, hex head drain plugs, anchors, key stock, springs and more are available in various grades, finishes and plating options.

Whether you’re in the automotive industry, MRO, construction or for any other industrial applications, we have what you need. We offer everything from wood screws, machine screws, sheet metal screws, hex bolts, carriage bolts, socket screws, lag bolts, set screws shoulder bolts, elevator bolts and more.

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assurance for Fasteners

Wurth Canada stands behind the quality of its fastener products and aligns itself with suppliers who maintain strict ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance programs. Full lot traceability allows us to track back to the raw material, heat treat and plating processes used in production and ensures that all fasteners offered by Wurth Canada comply with established IFI, DIN, ANSI, ASME and ASTM fastener standards.

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