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ASSY 4.0 WHII TS RW40 ZN M8x360

177.580360 - UNSPSC 31161508
ASSY 4.0 WHII TS RW40 ZN M8x360
ASSY 4.0 WHII TS RW40 ZN M8x360


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Universal partial-thread screw with washer head washer head for wood-wood fastening, 90° or inclined screw connection in structural wood construction in indoor dry or sheltered areas.

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Product Details

Length (mm) 360 mm
Diameter (mm) 8 mm
Length (in) 14 3/16"
Diameter (in) 5/16"
EAN 4061975618917


Ideal power transmission thanks to RW drive
Visually appealing screw connection on wood surface with the option of countersinking like a countersunk head
Significant reduction in the amount of force required when fastening in the screw
No over-tightening or stripping and high feed
Smooth thread start ensures optimized recessing and biting of the screw
High strength values and ductility

Benefits & Advantage

More power due to larger contact area at the bit
More stability, one-handed working, precise positioning due to the tight-fit recess and perfect fit of the bit
Fewer bit changes, one bit for many screw diameters
Compatibility with previous AW drive
High head penetration values and strong combination of two wooden components due to the large head diameter
Less splitting when immersing the shank due to the displacement milling effect of the milling shank
Minimized risk of screw breakage due to high breaking torque
Reduced risk of injury from protruding metal chips due to the integration of the milling shank into the thread
High protection of the application tools
Higher power transmission in hardwoods due to reinforced, asymmetrical thread flank geometry of the coarse thread
Better anchoring thanks to higher thread flanks
Reduced splitting effect due to displacement effect of the dome-shaped milling elements in the tip
Friction-reduced thread rotation allows reduction of the screw-in force to be applied
Adjusted heat treatment guarantees high strength values and high ductility


The partial thread starting immediately below the shank allows for wood to wood connections designed to pull together. The screw thread is positioned entirely in the lower component once screwed in.

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