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A European style, premium quality, two component, acrylic urethane primer that can be applied directly to metal.

UNSPSC: 3121000

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Technical Information

Product 4:1 Europrimer Grey
Contents 3.98 L

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2-component (2K) primer offers excellent corrosion protection, adhesion and great scratch resistant properties
High build acrylic urethane formula provides an improved fill and build properties

Benefits & Advantage

Can be used as a direct to metal coating
Diverse compatibility with a range of color systems
Impressive coverage and build that provides a great protective coating


2. A final blocking with 600 grit or finer sandpaper is recommended before top coating
1. Apply 2-3 coats with 10 minutes flash time at 24°C (75°F) and 50% relative humidity between each coat. Allow 45-60 minutes of drying before sanding (3 complete wet coats is 4-5 milimeters to dry). For best results, do not exceed 5mm dry film thickness
Reducers: Adding a reducer is not a requirement or a recommendation. However, urethane grade reducers can be used up to 20% by volume of the primer and activator combination
Mixing Directions: 4 parts Primer, 1 part Activator
Dry Time: Dry times at 24°C (75°F) and 50% relative humidity - Flash time – 5-10 minutes - To sand – 60-90 minutes - To topcoat – 60-90 minutes Force drying at 60°C (140°F) - Purge time – 15 minutes - Bake time at 60°C – 20 minutes
Repairing and Recoating: Direct to metal 2K Europrimer must be sanded prior to recoating after 24 hours of drying at 24°C (75°F)


Suitable Surfaces: Steel, galvanized steel, aluminum and fiberglass surfaces that are properly cleaned, sanded and treated properly. OEM coatings and body filler coatings applied that are cured and sanded
1. Wash area thoroughly with soap and water to remove contaminants that solvent based cleaners cannot remove efficiently. All substrates must be degreased and sanded. All rust must be removed.
2. Clean area with a solvent cleaner and wipe dry.
3. If necessary, sand repair with 80 grit followed by 180 grit to feather at broken film areas. Clean area with a grease and wax remover
4. Completely sand surface with 180-220 grit sand paper and re-clean with a solvent cleaner suitable for final cleaning step.


In hot and humid conditions (temperatures above 27°C/85°F), the use of a slow activator may be required. Film thickness, flash times, and temperatures may affect sanding time. In extreme heat, the use of reducer (10% maximum) may be needed.
Pot life will shorten as temperatures increase. Products are not recommended to be used in temperatures below 16°C (60°F).
Pot life at 24°C (75°F) with the standard activator – 1-1.5 hours

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