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Outstanding long-time protection and optimum metal surface appearance.

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Technical Information

Contents 400 ml
Description Zinc Spray Light Perfect
Chemical basis Alkyd resin combination
Pure Zinc 98.5%
Cross Cutting (DIN 53151) Gt0-1
Salt Spray Test (DIN 50021 SS) 250 hrs
Dry Layer Thickness approx. 40 μm
Recommended Layer Thickness 40 μm
Dust-dry (with recommended dry layer thickness) approx. 15 min.
Completely Hardened (with recommended dry layer th 10-12 hrs
Touch-dry (with recommended dry layer thickness) 15-20 min.
Can Be Spot Welded Yes
Thermal Stability approx. +300 °C (+572 °F)
Minimum Shelf Life At +10 °C to +25 °C (+50 °F to 24

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High layer thickness in 1st spray pass.
Can be used on residual rust.
For variable use thanks to adjustable spray head.
High resistance to running.
High abrasion resistance.

Benefits & Advantage

Very safe due to optimal protection against weathering.
Minimal time required, as only one work step necessary.
Covers well.
Only loose rust must be removed.
Large-area and minor repairs can be carried out quickly and safely with the variable spray head.


For optical improvement, repair and protection against corrosion of metallic surfaces.


The products Zinc Spray Perfect and Zinc Spray Light Perfect contain zinc, and therefore offer optimum, active cathodic protection against corrosion. If the surface is damaged, the zinc coating sacrifices itself (sacrificial anode) and therefore protects the metal against rust. The remaining products offer protection of the entire surface treated against rust. If the surface is damaged, the metal is not protected further. Not suitable as adhesive base for PU, MS- polymer and hybrid sealing compounds.

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I use the product on raw steel and aluminum I recommend this for anyone looking to easily apply a strong coat for rust protection Quality is very good
used for top coat after fabrications that are requiring a high zinc content spray. first time using it this purchase test pieces look good