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Dispersion based Rust Converter. Rust Converter neutralizes the corrosion process by converting rust and ferrous oxides into a stable and insoluble, blue-black Metallo-organic complex.

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Technical Information

Contents 1 L
Reaction Time 3 hrs
Temperature Range 0 °C to +40 °C (32 °F to +104 °F)
EAN 4045989592791

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May be painted over and filled after the reaction time (3 hours)
Not harmful to the environment
After the reaction time of 3 hours, the surface may be over painted with any commercial paint systems or with the underbody protection systems
May also be filled with polyester fillers


Trunks, wheel wells, pillars, pinch welds. Contains a creeping agent ideal for hard to reach areas of contamination


Must be poured into a separate container to avoid contamination. Ensure surfaces treated are free from oil and grease and remove any loose rust. Wash off any salt deposits with water and dry fully before application of Rust Converter
Using a brush, roller, or spray (max 44 psi) apply thinly and evenly. Avoid drips and runs. The Rust Converter is not a paint, therefore treated surfaces should be painted within 48 hours. Do not use paints with a high zinc content. Rust Converter is ready for over painting when a blue-black colouring appears (approx. 3 hours). Do not wash treated surfaces with water (unwanted splashes of the product may be removed with methylated spirits or water, but only before the reaction time).
Store and use only in a plastic container. Application and storage temperature 0 °C to +40 °C (32 °F to +104 °F). Do not store or use in direct sunlight or on hot surfaces, protect from frost. Shelf life is 5 years

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no 1
Used on rusty metal
Ce produit fonctionne bien à l'application.
Merveilleux produit que je ne croyais pas qui fonctionnerait. Mais c'est bien vrai que ça brûle la rouille. Quand à moi c'est un produit miraculeux. Merci
Used on Rusted metal, and i would recommend this product to anyone dealing with rusted metal. Very high quality
Great for stopping rust
Used on frame rails, worked well.
Used for auto body, great quality would recommend for rusty projects