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Wurth Canada is Your Canadian Automotive and Industrial Paint Supplier - From Premium High Solids Spray Paint to Self-Etch Primer

Wurth Canada offers premium and high quality spray paints, with a primary intended use as automotive paint and industrial paint. Our premium high solids spray paints will help you to cover surfaces more evenly and with less passes, saving you time and allowing you to use less of the product than other brands. We offer a wide range of colours for your every need.

Our Self-Etch Primers and Premium Self-Etch Primer provide excellent adhesion to bare metal, primers and top coats.

Try our quick drying, oil-based permanent paint markers with a drying time of 25-35 seconds. They are available in blue, black, white, yellow, orange, red and green.

Interested in Automotive Paint, Storage and Inventory Control? Contact a Wurth Sales Representative!

Wurth Canada is committed to providing customers like you with high-quality automotive paint, storage solutions and inventory control services. Our Sales Representatives pride themselves in providing the best possible service. Consider your sales representative another member of your team!

Are you interested in receiving an in-person consultation from one of our knowledgeable Sales Representatives? There’s a Wurth Canada solution that’s right for you.