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Auto, Trucking, MRO, Industrial, Manufacturing & Construction

Wurth Canada Specializes in Providing Quality Products and Services to Canadian Companies

Whether you’re a home builder in Hamilton, Ontario, or a Trucking Company in Calgary, Alberta, Wurth Canada is Your Trusted Partner

Wurth Canada specializes in supply and service to the Canadian automotive, trucking, MRO, industrial, manufacturing and construction industries.

From providing quality supplies, such as fasteners and industrial chemicals, to inventory control and profit centre solutions – we are experts in your field and you can count on us to provide you with the solutions your business needs.


Wurth Canada has been a trusted supplier to the Canadian automotive industry for over 45 years. We work with automotive manufacturers, auto body shops, repair and collision shops, dealerships, motorcycle repair shops and motorcycle dealerships, automotive service technician schools and more.
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Trucking, Cargo & Fleet

Wurth Canada is proud to support the Canadian trucking, cargo and fleet industry by providing quality products and services that are vital to maintaining and repairing heavy equipment and transport trucks. From municipal fleet vehicles to transport truck companies, we provide reliable products and solutions.
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Industrial, Manufacturing & MRO

Wurth Canada is a leading Canadian supplier to the industrial sector including metal fabrication, manufacturing, MRO, food processing, hospitality, institutional, petrochemical, mining and more. We provide high quality products and service to your business.
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Wurth Canada is a trusted construction industry supplier all over Canada. Our knowledgeable representatives deliver the quality supplies and services you need at your construction sites quickly – from fasteners and abrasives, to tools and adhesives, and inventory control.
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Supplier to the auto, trucking, MRO, industrial, manufacturing & construction industries in Canada

Looking for Solutions for Your Business and Want to Learn More About Wurth Canada’s Broad Range of Products and Services?

No matter where your business is located in Canada, and no matter whether you’re in the auto industry, manufacturing, MRO or construction – our representatives are happy to help. Wurth Canada is committed to providing customers like you with fasteners, abrasives, chemicals and more – everything you might need for your automotive, manufacturing or industrial business.

Interested in receiving an in-person consultation? Contact us today! There’s a Wurth Canada solution that’s right for you.