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Canadian Trucking Industry Supplier

Wurth Canada – Valued Partner and Supplier to the Canadian Cargo, Fleet and Trucking Industry

Wurth Canada understands that it’s our responsibility to you, our valued customers, to help build-up and protect the Canadian cargo, fleet and trucking industry. For your trucking and cargo business to run its best, your fleet has to run at its best.

Wurth Canada has been a trusted supplier to the Canadian automotive industry for over 45 years. In 2008, our Automotive Division was sub-divided to include a Cargo / Fleet division to allow our representatives to specialize within this cargo and fleet market.

We support and help to protect your industry by providing quality products and services that are vital to maintaining and repairing heavy equipment and transport trucks.

Supplier to the Canadian Cargo, Fleet and Trucking Industry

The Benefits of Partnering Your Cargo Business with Wurth Canada

Wurth Canada provides customized service as a trusted supplier to trucking companies, fleet maintenance shops and many other businesses in the cargo industry.

We understand your business because our representatives are specialists in the field! We have over 100 representatives specializing providing service and supplies for:

  • Cargo vehicles and cargo vehicle repair and maintenance
  • Fleet vehicle repair and maintenance
  • Trucking and transport truck repair and maintenance
  • Agricultural equipment and agricultural equipment repair and maintenance

Our product range is specifically tailored to the demands of repairing trucks, buses, tractors and other large farming equipment and heavy vehicles. Our products tailored to your business include:

Our warehouses are strategically placed across Canada to ensure fast delivery of the industrial supplies that you need to run your business smoothly.

Is Your Cargo Business National or Large Scale? Wurth Canada Offers Preferred Pricing to National Accounts

We offer group volume buying programs to our large scale customers through National Accounts. This program allows our fleet maintenance industry customers to buy high volumes of cargo products and get them delivered quickly.

The cost savings, digital inventory management, inventory control services and storage solutions of this program makes Wurth Canada an amazing partner for your cargo industry businesses. Some of our valued partners include Ameriquest, First Group, Toyota, Volvo Mack and many more.

Inventory Management, Storage Solutions and Digital Inventory Control and Invoicing Systems

When you choose to work with Wurth Canada as your trusted cargo / fleet supplier, you can choose to receive our free ORSY® system. ORSY is a customizable, modular and professional quality storage system of bins, racks and dispensers, for keeping your Wurth Canada industrial supplies organized, accessible and easy to keep track of.

Wurth Canada also offers a digital inventory control and invoicing system, SIS, which can be easily accessed from your phone or tablet. This system is fantastic for keeping track of parts and products used on your heavy equipment, commercial vehicles and transport truck fleet.

These are just some of the many ways that Wurth Canada works to deliver quality products and services to the cargo industry.

Interested in Learning More About a Partnership with Wurth Canada’s as Your Cargo / Fleet Supplier?

Whether you’re looking to open a national account for a large-scale cargo fleet company, or you’re interested in personalized services for your small family-run trucking business, there’s a Wurth Canada solution that’s right for you. Contact us today!