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AUTO MASK LIQUID, Quick Dry, 18.9 L

5856.000001 - UNSPSC 15121534
AUTO MASK LIQUID, Quick Dry, 18.9 L AUTO MASK LIQUID, Quick Dry, 18.9 L
AUTO MASK LIQUID, Quick Dry, 18.9 L


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Product Details

Attribute Value
Contents 18.9 L


Fast and easy to apply
Transparent film so can easily move vehicles when in use
Water soluble
Protects surface from dirt, grease, and other contaminants
Leaves no residue
Go-to product for automotive painting
Body-shop safe (silicone-free)


To prevent overspray damage on vehicle surfaces when painting.


Preparation: For better success, the surfaces to be protected should be properly cleaned by washing. Let treated surface dry completely.
Application: When using a gravity spray gun, use 1.6 – 2.0 mm tip. When using a conventional system, a 1.8 mm tip is recommended. Apply minimum 1-3 mil thickness to cover area that needs protection. Make sure that the film does not creep over surfaces after drying. Remove the excess liquid mask film on areas to be painted with a slight pull of the thumb.
Removal & cleanup: Spread soap over the protected surface and let it soak 10-30 minutes. Wash all masked and unmasked surfaces. Can be pressure washed.


Avoid contact with water until paint is applied. Once paint job is done, the film can be stripped with a car wash.
This information is based on our experience. Preliminary tests are advised before use.

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