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Wurth Canada


Your Industrial, Construction, Manufacturing & Automotive Partner and Supplier

Wurth Canada Limited / Limitée was founded in Montreal, Québec, in 1971. In 1986, the Wurth Canada head office and Eastern / Central Canada warehouse was established in Mississauga, Ontario, and moved in 2014 to a state of the art office and warehouse in Guelph, Ontario. A second warehouse near Edmonton, Alberta, was opened in 2009 to help service customers in Western Canada.

Since the late 80's and the early 90's Wurth Canada has established itself, as a trusted Canadian supplier of:

Wurth Canada offers your business a product line with over 14,000 items all of which have a reputation for high-quality worldwide. Our product offering is growing quickly and currently includes:

Wurth Canada, Canadian Industrial Supplier and Automotive Supplier

Wurth Canada is in Every Canadian Province

With more than 400 sales representatives servicing customers all over Canada, from Victoria, British Columbia to St-John's Newfoundland, we’re there when you need us! We offer a signature one-stop shopping experience and an unmatched service ethic.

To assist you, our customer, to generate additional profits, increase productivity and accurately track inventory, Wurth Canada offers customized storage solutions, named ORSY (ORganization with a SYstem). ORSY can be paired with Wurth ORSY Connect, a convenient and easy-to-use web-based App for digital inventory control, invoicing and inventory management.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Wurth Canada is proud to be ISO certified for the 9001:2015 standard. With this focus on quality management throughout our operations, Wurth Canada focuses employee efforts in ensuring customer requirements are understood, met, and involved in activities designed to continually improve its performance.

Wurth Canada’s Commitment to Customer Service

Every business claims to be ‘dedicated to customer service’ and claim to be the best at it, but at Wurth Canada we really are. By adapting our approach to each customer’s specific needs, we provide customized solutions and services tailored to your business needs, just as though we’re a full-time member of your team.

Wurth Canada Experience Includes:

  • Direct contact and service from a knowledgeable and friendly Wurth Sales Representative
  • Support from our highly trained internal office staff
  • A deeper understanding of your business by integrating special teams (specialists) to service specific market segments and industries. For example, if you’re an automotive business, you will work with an automotive specialist at Wurth Canada.
  • ORganization and Storage SYstems (ORSY), inventory control and inventory management, as well as a Web-based App to help you track inventory, bill your customers more accurately and help your business maximize efficiencies.
  • A choice in how you want to buy and when – shop online or shop through your Wurth Sales Representative. As well, your Wurth Sales Representative will tailor a schedule for you on how often you want him or her to visit your business.

Interested in Learning More About Wurth Canada or Interested in Contacting a Sales Representative?

Wurth Canada is committed to providing customers like you with fasteners, abrasives, chemicals and more – everything you might need for your automotive, manufacturing or industrial business. Our Sales Representatives pride themselves in providing the best possible service, just like they’re a member of your team!

Interested in receiving an in-person consultation from one of our knowledgeable Sales Representatives? Contact us today to start the conversation.

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