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Manufacturing Supplier

Wurth Canada – Manufacturing, Fabrication and MRO Supplier

Wurth Canada is a leading quality supplier to the industrial sector including businesses specializing in metal fabrication, manufacturing, MRO, food processing, hospitality and institutional. Our knowledgeable representatives work with all types of metal manufacturing and fabrication industry businesses such as:

  • MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Operations)
  • Metal working and finishing companies
  • Machine construction and manufacturing
  • Mining and mining equipment manufacturers
  • Vehicle conversion
  • Marine and ship builders
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Machine construction
  • Food processing and beverage processing
  • Hospitality companies
  • Institutional
  • Packaging manufacturers
  • Clothing and textile industries
  • Metal building material construction
  • Mechanical fabrication

Our qualified sales representatives and experts in your field and will work with you to provide smart solutions for the industrial challenges your business faces.

manufacturing and MRO supplier Canada

A Broad Product Range Designed for the Canadian Industrial and Metal Manufacturing Industry

Wurth Canada is always expanding and improving our product lines and services. With a current offering of over 14,000 products, with many tailored to the metal manufacturing and industrial sector. We are specialists in the metal fabrication and industrial manufacturing field! Our products include:

Our experience in the manufacturing, fabrication and MRO industries has allowed us to gain an understanding of what is important to our customers. Wurth Canada’s quality products are durable and affordable, and meet and exceed these industry standards.

Wurth Canada’s industrial experts provide customers with class-leading service, fast delivery, and professional support. We make customer support our top priority.

Inventory Management, Storage Solutions and Digital Inventory Control and Invoicing Systems

Metal manufacturing companies that commit to using Wurth Canada products can choose to receive our free ORSY® system, our professional quality industrial storage solution. ORSY is a professional industrial quality storage solution, consisting of bins, racks and dispensers, for keeping your Wurth Canada industrial supplies organized and accessible.

Wurth Canada offers SIS, a digital inventory control and invoicing system, an easy to use Web-based App. Turn your business into a profit-center!

Wurth Canada works as part of your in-house team to deliver quality service and products to all metal manufacturing industry customers.

Interested in Learning More About Wurth Canada as your Canadian MRO, Fabrication or Manufacturing Supplier?

Our expert metal manufacturing representatives provide exceptional service personalized to your business, whether you’re a part of a large multinational organization, or you’re interested in industrial supplies for your small family-run manufacturing business.

Contact us today! There’s always a Wurth Canada solution that’s right for you.