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Inventory Management


Wurth Canada Offers ORganization with a SYstem (ORSY) for Canadian Automotive, Industrial and MRO Companies

Wurth Canada’s optimized inventory management and inventory control system, or ORSY (ORganization with a SYstem), is a complete storage, bin stock and inventory control system, designed and installed by Wurth Canada’s Trained Professionals.

Your inventory control and storage needs are as unique as your business and your shop. Wurth Canada’s broad range of storage systems allow us to custom design storage bins and inventory retrieval systems best suited for your auto shop, industrial warehouse or manufacturing business.

Inventory management and inventory control

Find Your Fasteners, Chemicals, Wire, Abrasives, and Other Industrial Supplies Faster and Easier!

Wurth Canada’s ORSY allows you to easily find the clip, the abrasive, wire or anything else that you need quickly and easily. Plus, ORSY allows your Parts Manager to provide better inventory management, sets up control points, and frees up their time for other tasks.

Wurth Canada’s ORSY System shows our commitment to your business.

What are the Features and Benefits of Inventory Control and Management with ORSY?

  • Hands-on service: your Wurth Canada Sales Representative will organize, clean and maintain your ORSY system and let you know when your supplies are low.
  • Products are clearly labelled on the bins, making them easy to locate and track. Labels can include the article number, a product image, product description and/or a barcode.
  • Less time required for ordering regularly stocked items allowing more time for our customers' special requirements.
  • Significant savings can be realized by Wurth Canada’s careful monitoring of high volume items as well as the elimination of obsolete items.
  • Easy and quick stock location and retrieval.
  • Clean, well-organized and nice-looking, adding to the efficiency, organization and professional image for your company.
  • Maximizes storage space with comprehensive shelving and storage spaces.
  • ORSY can be paired with Wurth Canada SIS a very easy to use Web-App and Website based inventory control system that works through your mobile device and barcodes.

ORSY saves your business time and money! Don’t run out of vital supplies needed to run your business and waste hours of employee time tracking the items down.

Interested in Learning More About Inventory Management and Control with ORSY?

Wurth Canada’s Representatives are focused on providing high-quality inventory management and support to your door no matter where you’re located. Whether you’re in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, or anywhere in between; we’ll be there to provide your inventory management services with ORSY.

Interested in receiving an in-person consultation? Contact us today! There’s a Wurth Canada ORSY solution that’s right for you.

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