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No Matter Where You’re Located in Canada, Our Representatives Provide Your Automotive, Trucking, Fabrication, Manufacturing or Construction Business, with Exceptional Service and Quality Supplies

If you’re in the automotive, trucking, fabrication, manufacturing or construction industries, then you know Wurth Canada and our high standards of customer service and satisfaction.

Our representatives are experts in your field. We are automotive specialists, body shop specialists, manufacturing and fabrication specialists and construction specialists. In addition, we’re there to provide you with solutions to everyday challenges that face your business.

Provide services to canadian businesses

The Wurth Canada experience includes:

  • Visits from a friendly Wurth Canada sales representative, who is an expert in your field and a member of your community.
  • We work around your schedule. Whenever you want us to be at your shop is when we will arrive.
  • We provide you with high quality products and fast shipping.
  • You choose how and when you want to buy and what types of services you need. Shop online, shop directly with your Wurth Canada representative or call us!
  • Support from our highly trained and experienced internal office staff.
  • Add on services, such as inventory storage solutions, inventory management and inventory control.
  • We can even help you to increase your business’s revenue and efficiency with services like Profit Centre Solutions and Digital Cost Recovery and Invoicing Solutions.

Inventory Management and Inventory Control

Is your business in need of inventory management and inventory control systems? ORSY (ORganization with a SYstem), is a complete storage and inventory control system, designed and installed by Wurth Canada’s Trained Professionals.
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Digital Cost Recovery & Invoicing System

Could your business benefit from a Web-based solution for cost recovery, inventory management and inventory control? Immediately increase your business’s productivity and profitably with Wurth Canada’s digital cost recovery and invoicing system, SIS.
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National Accounts

Is your large organization looking for profit center solutions, standardization of supplies, inventory control or unified digital cost recovery across Canada or even worldwide? Wurth Canada is able to provide solutions for your automotive, construction, industrial and MRO organization to increase efficiencies, revenue and productivity.
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Profit Centre Solutions

Did you know that your auto shop could gain completely new revenue from offering fast and simple service repairs like stone chips on windows? Customers usually think of these as costly replacements instead of on-the-spot repair techniques that can be affordable and quick, which can give you an edge over the competition and add value to your customers.
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Electronic Procurement

Would you like to reduce your procurement process costs by up to 30% with the merchandise management system you are currently using? We offer experience (more than 10,000 successfully connected companies worldwide), flexibility (98% of all commercially available systems can be used) and productivity (you can continue working trouble-free during the technical connection).
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Interested in Learning More About Wurth Canada’s Representatives and Our Broad Range of Services?

Wurth Canada’s Representatives are available to help your business increase efficiencies and profitability. No matter where you’re located in Canada, and no matter whether you’re in the auto industry, manufacturing, MRO or construction – we’re there for you.

Interested in receiving an in-person consultation? Contact us today! There’s a Wurth Canada solution that’s right for you.