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5861.111301 - UNSPSC 26101772
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A powerful fuel additive, formulated using technologically advanced deposit-control additive chemistry that will provide the following benefits when used asdirected

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Technical Information

Contents 473 ml

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Rapid clean-up performance on fuel injectors
Clean-up performance on intake manifolds, intake valves & ports and the entire fuel system (fuel lines, fuel tank)
Improved fuel combustion resulting in increased power and performance
Reduced fuel consumption and emissions
Elimination of knocking and pinging caused by deposit build-up (hot spots) in the combustion chambers and prevention of engine octane equirement increase
Oxygen sensor and catalytic converter safe
Meets & Exceeds OEM Service Requirements


Note: Engine Service Kit Art. No. 965.8909 is discontinued. We will continue to carry Engine Flush Art. No. 893.533 and Fuel Injector and Valve Cleaner Art. No. 893.532 (sold individually)

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