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Your passion is our passion. We are here for you as a trusted and reliable partner.

The world around has changed, and we have all had to adapt our habits - in our personal lives and while at work. We know you are passionate about work, but also passionate about safety. Browse our safety guide to view all of the products we have available to help you, your employees and your customers stay safe on the job.

The Würth Group Worldwide shares your passion for work and commitment to the health and safety of your employees and customers. We are offering these solutions to our valued customers to help your business continue to run smoothly and safely while continuing to do what motivates and drives you every day!


Keeping your hands clean. Our easy-to-use hand sanitizers give you peace of mind and can be your reliable solution to keeping your hands clean.

Safety & PPE

Did you know that you can wash your dipped gloves? In this current pandemic, hand protection will be more important than ever. We have multiple options for disposable nitrile gloves. However, demand is at an all-time high, and stock is becoming very limited. Did you know that we sell dipped gloves that offer just as much protection as our disposable gloves? These dipped gloves are reusable, but they can be washed with soap and water just like your hands!


Meets Health Canada requirements for emerging viral pathogens. This means that is an authorized disinfectant to use against the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.


Everyone has a preference
When it comes to hand cleaning products, everyone has a preference. For those who work with their hands all day, it's important to have products that clean well but are still gentle on the skin.

Würth hand cleaners will not only clean your hands but will prevent the spread of infectious diseases and create a safer working space.

At Würth we have a great range to choose from. Our hand cleaners are formulated to be environmentally friendly for everyday use. They are strong in cleaning power and come in a variety of sizes, colours and fragrances. Whether your needs are economic or ergonomic we have a hand cleaning solution for each of our Customer's needs.

First Aid Kits + Supplies

We supply first aid kits and supplies specifically designed for your business, to keep you and your employees safe and to ensure regulatory compliance.

Not sure how to manage your first aid kits?
Let one of our sales representatives do it for you. At Wurth Canada, we become responsible for your first aid requirements. One of our sales representatives will keep your First Aid Kit(s) organized, clean and fully stocked. Enjoy WURTH AID!

One of our talented reps will schedule regular maintenance calls for you and your first aid kits to meet the safety requirements of your business – at no additional cost. Our first aid kits are customized to fit your unique needs so you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your workplace is ready to handle all your first aid needs. Quality meets Service.

You purchase only what you need, when you need it. You pay only for the products and nothing else. We will prevent you from overstocking the first aid kits, with regular maintenance and monitoring. Your first aid kits and supplies will be replenished only when needed and after your approval.